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The HR consulting industry emerged from management consulting and addresses human resource management. HR Consultants have two primary roles: Expert Resource Consultant and Process/People Consultant. The former provides specialized expertise, while the latter focuses on broader organizational processes and people-related issues.
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Modise HR Consulting comprises a team of professionals who are engaged externally to provide comprehensive human resources solutions. We are adept at resolving a range of human resources-related challenges and delivering high-level recommendations to your management team. By outsourcing our services, you can benefit from our expertise in addressing the complexities of human resources management. Allow us to provide you with optimal solutions that address your organizational needs, while you focus on your core business objectives.

  • Training and Development
  • Risk Management
  • Compensation and Benefits

Our Portfolios

HR Admin and Systems 

- HR and payroll system and support

- Improving filling and better access to information

-Ensure correct data capturing and data management

HR Compliance

Ensure your organisation is compliant with the latest government gazette labour related legislation.



- Employment Equity

- Workman's Compensation

- WSP and ATR Seta Submissions

- Relevant Bargaining Council Compliance 

Labour Law

Ensure less appearance at CCMA and Bargaining Council Internal IR Management.

- Labour court support

- IR Prevention Strategies

- CCMA appearance support

- Company representative preparations

- Chairperson services for incapacity related cases

- Chairperson Services for Internal Disciplinary enquiries

- Preparation for CCMA Conciliation and Arbitration cases 

Workforce Planning

Changing organisational structure to ensure key people are in key positions for the optimal sustainability of the organisation. Reviewing the organisations needs and determine if one or more of the below solutions can be implemented, depending on the organisations needs. 

- Restructuring

- Create a skills Matrix

- Talent Management

- Performance Management

- Psychometric and other Assessments

Our four focus areas are stated above but are not limited to the following.


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